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In a previous email I spoke about our School Gratitude Program, and one of the responses we received was an email from Noel who lives in Innisfail far North Queensland.  This is a story which demonstrates that what we say and how we treat other people can change their lives, and we may never know how many people we have helped.

Noel wrote:

In the 80's my wife ran a Christian School for 28 children.  Half of the students were indigenous.  Four of the children were our own.

I used to attend during lunch hours and days off.  I had a habit of saying to the children, with an expression of surprise, "GUESS WHAT?"  When they asked "What?" I would reply "I love you!"

 After a time, the indigenous children used to chase me and ask me to ask them "GUESS WHAT?"

 Years later a young man (27 years of age) spoke to me in a shop and I asked him how he knew me.  He replied that he had been a 5-year-old student my wife used to teach.  We had a great time remembering various things the students did and what my wife had taught them.

 As I left him, a short way down the street, he called to me, Mr Huxham, “GUESS WHAT?”  I said "what?"  His reply absolutely floored me – as 22 years had passed.  He said, "I love you."

What an incredible deposit Noel and his wife had made into the lives of those children in that little school.  I wonder what my legacy or your legacy will be.  Will we touch the “Gold” in the hearts and lives of other people like Noel did?  Will our attitudes be filled with thankfulness and gratitude, and touch the lives of other people?

Go to our website and look at the Thank You products available to help you say “Thank You.”  Have a look at the Mini Thank You cards which are great to carry in your pocket ready to give to someone.  You can purchase them from our On-Line Store along with our School Products.

If you have a story about thankfulness and blessing others by showing gratitude please email it to

Let’s take a leaf out of Noel’s book and touch the “Gold” in other people.

Robert J Burman
Coordinator –


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2 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Glenn Robinson says:

    I love this story. It’s delightful to hear as it is exactly something I do too on the odd occasion with my friend, ie I ask him guess what? and I say “I love you”. It’s true, whatever you sow you reap.

  2. Noreen Clanfield says:

    What a beautiful story! More than a story! – a truth… and worth sharing…
    Worth passing on…. and saying it to others … especially family… those around you .. neighbours!! ….

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