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In Prov 22:6 the Bible tells us to teach our children the way they should go and when they are old, they will not turn from that way. How do we teach our children The Way they should go?

We so often see that telling kids and others to “do this or do that” or “don’t do this and don’t do that” does not work. Well, there is a reason why this approach doesn’t work. We are telling them rather than equipping and empowering them to change. We can impart knowledge to kids, but when it comes to behaviour and attitude we need to equip and empower them to change.

In a previous email I spoke about touching the Gold in people. Touching the gold is about bringing out the best in others. The activities in our School Gratitude Program Teacher’s Guide, are designed to do just that. We are not telling them to be thankful, but we are equipping and empowering them to be thankful – to look at life differently. One of the activities is called “Find the Gold”. In this activity students are asked to randomly take the name of a classmate from a hat and not tell anyone whose name they have. At the end of the day each student shares with the class the best thing they noticed about the other student. They are touching the gold in the other student and encouraging them. This makes them feel valued.

Some people have asked if our Teacher’s Guide is suitable for use in Public Schools. The answer is Yes! We do not preach scripture in our activities, although the whole concept of thankfulness and gratitude is based on God’s instruction to give thanks in all circumstances. Research from Berkley University and other universities shows how thankfulness changes an individual. This research has been able to measure increases in academic levels, social interactions, personal health and emotional well-being – not just in students, but also in adults and the elderly alike.

Our School Gratitude Program is designed to make it as easy as possible for teachers to use, with minimum preparation and some free resources. We also provide some additional resources that can be purchased for students to use in class. Have a look at our School Gratitude webpage.

We also have other Thank You products that can be used every day to say thank you to those around you. Our Mini Thank You cards are great to carry with you to give to someone who serves you or blesses your day in some way. Give them a little card and watch their faces light up as you touch the gold within them.

Have fun finding the Gold in others.

Robert J Burman
Coordinator – 


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