Dear Friends,

When we released the Focus for 2020, we had just come through the horrific wildfires of December and early January which was preceded by the ongoing serious drought in our country regions.  Now just two months later, we find ourselves in the midst of another very serious crisis, COVID-19, which requires us to seriously consider everything we do and how we go about life.  So many people are in fear of what could happen and are aware of how many could die from this virus.  We must be responsible and follow the guidelines our Government has implemented to try and curb the virus.  Amid this, life must go on even our though our ways of doing some things will change.

Personally, I am reminded of Psalm 91 where we are assured that God is in charge and that He is our protector.  In verse 3 it says, “Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”  We must still carry on with our lives regardless of whatever ways they may change.  One thing that will not change is that we will continue to give thanks in all circumstances.

The Focus for 2020 will not change.  However, we will need to change how we give thanks to those in our Focus groups.  We must not let the current COVID-19 crisis distract us form expressing our gratitude to those amazing emergency workers who have given so generously of their time and resources – some have even given their lives.  Crisis, like the one we are in now, can make us feel desperate to look after ourselves.  And, if we are not careful, we can forget about others around us – and especially those Disaster Recovery workers we are wanting to thank this year.

We need to think creatively and find new ways to say Thanks.  As a church, group of churches, or a community group, you could take out an add in the local newspaper and thank these dedicated emergency workers.  You could put up posters to say Thank You on our National Day of Thanks.  There are many ways in which you could express your gratitude, and when you come up with these new ways, please tell us about them at so we can encourage others with your story.

The Personal Focus is an all year-round attitude of gratitude.  It is about living a life of thankfulness and saying Thanks, through simple acts of Gratitude, to those who have made a difference in your life and the life of your community.  How, in this new social era, do we interact and express our gratitude to others?  You can send a Thank You card to that person or group of people you wish to thank.  You can carry some Mini Thank You cards in your pocket when you go to collect your take-away from the restaurant or café, and leave them one to say thank you and to be an encouragement in these difficult times.  Expressing gratitude is not limited by social distancing, it is limited by how we think about other people.

As we travel these new uncharted waters together, let us always be thankful for the many blessings we have, even in these difficult times, and truly become, as a Nation – the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

Robert J Burman
Coordinator –


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3 thoughts on “Being Thankful in All Circumstances

  1. June Odlum says:

    Thank you ? so much for your very inspirational message in these troubled ? times.
    God bless you all, dear people. Please stay safe and well.
    Best wishes from

  2. Valerie Bennett says:

    Thankyou for your encouragement on how important it is to tell others how we appreciate them in our day-to-day lives by expressing “Thanks” Thankyou for the great words from Psalm 91 that bring hope and strength. Also, I would like to mention how we here in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, are included in this region of De Quiros’ proclamation “the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit” Praise be to our Father in Heaven that we are more than blessed along with your nation.

  3. Anne Law says:

    So thankful for firefighters from overseas helping all of ours in Dec and Jan. Huge thanks to all our wildlife carers. Devastating trouble for so many creatures whose habitat won’t be there for years. So thankful for doctors, nurses and everyone looking after anyone dealing with COVID-19. So thankful for teachers looking after all their students using technology to do so. Thankful for those keeping technology for homes and machinery in hospitals working. Thankful for bears in windows. Thankful for zoom meetings, FaceTime and Skype and other ways we are NOT socially distancing but PHYSICALLY distancing. SO THANKFUL for those who can help people in third world countries cope. Next Saturday, will be saying a VERY big thank you! AND asking that politicians and those with more worldly power than most of us have…will be more sensible. Think of the future of our planet and our children! Love, faith, thankfulness.

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