Dear Friends,

As we all travel through these difficult times there are so many people to thank, and we may think “how can I say Thank You when I am required to stay indoors?” Well, there are many ways to say Thanks. You could make good use of technology and send an “electronic” message. Or you could take a little time and write a thankyou letter or card and post it to the person or persons you want to thank. How many ways can you think of to say Thank You to those who have made a difference in your life?

One of our Ambassadors Michelle Mitchell is a family psychologist. In an interview with Annette Spurr from she talked about coping during this stay-at-home time. Watch the video as Michelle and Annette share some very helpful strategies.


What a wonderful opportunity we have right now to develop a balanced perspective on how to travel through difficult times, and to find creative ways to not just feel thankful, but to express thankfulness to others.



There are a variety of Thank You cards available in our On-Line store. Or you can purchase from Koorong Books. We have full size cards that you can post, and Mini Thank You cards that you can give to someone or leave at their front door. As schools start back, kids could give a Mini Thank You card to their teachers for being there and available to teach them.

Stay safe, stay well. Look after yourself and others. Be thankful in all circumstances.

Robert J Burman
Coordinator –


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One thought on “Being Thankful in Difficult Times

  1. Valerie Bennett says:

    This was good encouragement. Do you have any positive feedback about how our Aboriginal community are doing???

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