Dear Friends,

Last Thursday I was taking some parcels to the Post Office. As I walked across the park opposite the Post Office, I noticed a bunch of flowers which had been placed on a park bench.  My first thought was that someone had accidentally left them behind.  I stopped and walked around to take a closer look.  There was a note stapled to top of the wrapping paper.  It read: If you find me please take me home.  There were some more words under the main heading that read: Just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

As I was reading the note, a young mum with two little children walked by.  As she approached she looked at me, and I said, “I believe these are for you.”  She said, “Oh no – I couldn’t.”  I looked at her older child, about 2 years of age, and said, “I think a busy mum looking after two great kids deserves a bunch of flowers, don’t you?”  With her young daughter nodding eagerly, how could mum refuse?  I then continued on to the Post Office.

A little later while I was walking home, I caught up to this young mum.  I said to her, “I am glad you took the flowers.”  This coronavirus is a nasty business but look at how it has brought out the best in so many people.  She agreed, and I said, “I am very thankful for that.”  When I arrived home, it hit me – what an incredible opportunity I had missed.  You see, I said, “I am thankful for that.”  What if I had said, and I’m very thankful to God for that.”  What sort of a discussion could that have opened?

We miss so many opportunities by not giving God the credit for the good we see around us – especially in times of crisis.  What opportunities have you missed?  Let us remember that it is not about trying to convert someone – that is the job of Holy Spirit.  It is about being the presence of God in that moment for that person.

As we start to see these COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, let us keep our kindness and grateful antennas up, looking for people we can express gratitude to, and for those to whom we can bring the presence of God.

This coming Saturday, the last Saturday in May, is the National Day of Thanks, and although we cannot celebrate in the ways we have done in times past, there are still so many people to thank.  Remember the list of suggestions we gave you in our last email?  We covered Emergency Workers, Healthcare Workers, Government Leaders, Family Members and Friends.  You could also thank your Church Leaders who have worked hard during the lockdown to keep us up to date with Video Streamed messages, Zoom meetings, and so much more.  Let’s also remember Charity workers and Chaplains.  There are so many people to thank, and so many ways to say Thank You.

Make a difference in someone else’s life.

Robert J Burman
Coordinator –

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One thought on “Thankful People are Happy People

  1. Carla Carroll says:

    Thank You!!! I have been using your resources for years now at my school where I am school chappy in southern inland queensland, at our school we celebrated the Australian National Day of thanks last week with your “thank you” balloons, that I had from last year, they were still good Praise God, and cards that we made from your “thank you” small cards that I had also purchased in a previous year. Praise God for all that is good

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