Will You Dare to Imagine?

  • Imagine a day when the walls of your church are as wide as the boundaries of your community.
  • Imagine a day when your local government comes to your church for help.
  • Imagine a day that puts a smile on the faces of the poor and disadvantaged people in your community.
  • Imagine a day when the lonely find they have a friend.
  • Imagine a day when the body of Christ across our Nation comes together in one voice of thanks to God for the Nation we live in and the blessings we enjoy in this great Southland of the Holy Spirit.

The National Day of Thanks is a unique opportunity for Australians to celebrate and give thanks for our God given heritage as a nation, and to demonstrate the values of honour, respect, thankfulness and gratitude towards our fellow man. It is a day for Australians to pause as a nation and say Thank You to God, and to each other for those many things we often take for granted, those things that really make our lives worth living.  Check out  How the Day Started


Why Church Participation is Important

The National Day of Thanks is meant to be shaped and run at a local level in communities across Australia.  Local churches can give leadership and, with support of their community, can organise celebrations appropriate for their town, city or region.  It is a great opportunity for congregations to reconnect in a positive way with the community they seek to serve.

Have a look at our Community Festivals page for stories of what other areas have done for our National Day.

Thanking God

Thanking God is an important part of this Day.  You can thank God in many different ways especially by holding special thanksgiving service.  To help you we have a section on Thanking God.


Thank You Products

Cards, Ribbons, Posters and Certificates

You can order Thank You products on-line all year round to help you reach out the hand of gratitude to those around you and those in our Focus groups.  Go to our Order Online page to see what is available.


Who Supports the National Day of Thanks?

The National Day of Thanks and Thanks Australia is supported by our Sponsors, Ambassadors and is acknowledged by our Government. Find out more about them on our website Click Here.


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