While the National Day of Thanks is no longer on our calendar, an Attitude of Gratitude always will be!

Thanks.org.au has come out of Australia’s National Day of Thanks.  Originally called the National Day of Thanksgiving it was renamed to National Day of Thanks in 2015 to keep an Aussie orientation.  In 2015 we also started promoting an all year-round Way of life of Gratefulness that pointed to the public expression of Gratitude through the National Day of Thanks.

As we started promoting personal gratitude through our emails and Blogs more people started responding.  This whole concept of thankfulness and gratitude is based on scriptures such as “In all circumstances give thanks”, “Come before the Lord with Thanksgiving in your heart”, and “Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart from that way”.  Science has also reinforced these instructions by being able to measure what happens to people and a community when genuine thankfulness and gratitude are a prat of a person’s way of life.


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